Board of Directors

Linda Harvey, chair, Linda is a partner at the law firm of Harvey, Kleger & Thomas. She was an adjunct professor of law at New England Law Boston for over 20 years.  She has worked as a child advocate for her entire career. Her proudest position is the mother of Maxine and Talia.

Kim Clark, Kim is the owner of National Fiber Technology, LLC, an international specialty textile manufacturer. She has been a supporter of Maxine and Talia’s efforts to assist local families from the beginning of their efforts. Harvey Girls, Inc is one of Kim’s many philanthropic beneficiaries.

Kathy Fitzgibbons, Kathy, is the former chief office administrator of the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. She has worked in the domestic violence field as well. She is a strong supporter of local charities.

Maxine Harvey, Maxine is the co-founder of Debbie’s Treasure Chest. Now that she is of age, she is able to serve as a board member of the charity which she and her sister Talia created. Currently she is a graduate student at Clark University getting her Master’s in Business Administration. She currently works in admission at Clark University.

Sinea Kiley, Sinea began working with Debbie’s Treasure Chest as a teenager along with her mother Donna. To honor the memory of her beloved mother, she created the nonprofit  Donna’s Dreamers, Inc. raises and distributes funds for children whose  parents have cancer.

Peter Lasonde, Peter works in the area of business intelligence. However his strong background in retail and management has helped to design a warehouse (the Treasure Chest)  that is more consumer friendly for the clients of Harvey Girls, Inc. 

Talia Harvey, Talia acted as the CEO for Harvey Girls during her high school years. We are delighted to have her serve as board member. She is currently a freshman at the University of Massachusetts Commonwealth Honor College enrolled in the Isenberg School.