Advisory Board

The Honorable Justice Jose Sanchez, Judge Sanchez was the Associate Justice of the Essex County Juvenile Court.  He is now on the Federal Bench. He has been a supporter of Harvey Girls and Debbie’s Treasure Chest for years.  He was a great friend of Debbie D’Iorio.

The Honorable Justice Mark Newman. Judge Newman recently retired as the Presiding Justice of the Essex County Juvenile Court. He was the first person to be honored with the Children’s Champion Award in the Merrimack Valley. He has supported the efforts of the Harvey Girls for years.

Chief Joseph Solomon, Joe is the chief of police in Methuen, MA. He has been instrumental in the community policing of neighborhoods in the Merrimack Valley. Chief Solomon has been an avid supporter of local youth and Debbie’s Treasure Chest.

J. Michael Abrams, PhD., Dr. Abrams is the clinical director of General Psychological Associates. He is a local expert in the areas of educational resources and advocacy for children.  He has supported the efforts for Maxine and Talia for years.

Alyssa Altman, Alyssa is a vice president with Sapient Nitro. She is also funds the new Marcia and Fred Altman Community Service Initiative named in honor of her inspiring parents. 

Michelle Arevalo, Michelle taught in the Lawrence Public Schools for decades. She has worked with many clients that have utilized the services provided by Harvey Girls, Inc. Her classroom was one of the many beneficiaries of Debbie’s Treasure Chest’s donations of school supplies and books.

Leanne Bellerose, Leanne has been a social worker with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families for over a decade. She has extensive experience in working with youth and families at risk. She currently works in the Children in Need of Assistance Unit. 

June Black, June was the District Director for Congresswomen Niki Tsongas. June is a strong community supporter and has served on many boards in the greater Lawrence community. June is currently the Economic Development Director for the CIty of Lawrence.

Phil DeCologero, Phil is currently a Selectman in the town of North Andover. Formally, he was part of the senior staff for the mayor of Methuen, where he first became an advocate for Debbie’s Treasure Chest.

Fred Fehrmann, Fred is one of the principles of National Fiber Technology. His creativity and craftsmanship have been instrumental in Harvey Girls, Inc’s success. He is the major donor of the Mary Lou Coat Drive to honor the memory of his beloved mother Mary Lou Ferhmann. 

Jessica Licata, Jessica has distinguished herself among her peers by receiving the Gold Presidential Service Award this past year. Jessica is a nurasing student at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell and has volunteered at Debbie’s Treasure Chest since she was seven years old.

Aaron Sirkman, Aaron is proud to serve on the advisory board to honor the memory of his beloved mother Susan Paul Sirkman.  He has supported both Maxine and Talia throughout their lives and often assists Harvey Girls Inc with his remarkable writing skills.

Alexander Sirkman, like his twin brother Aaron, Alexander has been instrumental in the development of the Susan Paul Sirkman Leadership program providing guidance to Talia in her efforts to recruit young leaders. Alexander has worked with many nonprofits and was instrumental in assisting in Harvey Girls, Inc receive its 501(3)(c) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

Linda Soucy, Linda is one of the principles and founders of the Methuen Arlington Neighborhood, Inc. MAN Inc was the former fiscal agent of Debbie’s Treasure Chest. MAN Inc and Harvey Girls, Inc are partners in their respective goals to assist local families in need.

Susan Tucker, Susan currently works for ACI Worldwide Inc as a senior financial analyst. She is a former local Girl Scout Leader. She is a tremendous supporter of the efforts of Maxine and Talia to assist local families. She has been a great asset in the toy and coat drives for the past years.

Therese Leone, Therese is one of the Vice Presidents of Enterprise Bank and serves on several non-profit boards in the Merrimack Valley, She has been an avid suppoter of Harvey Girls for years.

Cristina Freitas, Cris has been a child advocate her entire legal career. Recently she and her sister and partner Deb became nationally known and recognized for their by the American Bar Association.

Deb Freitas, Deb has been working with children and fighting for their rights all her life. recently she and her sister showed off thier artist skills in the quilt of Brown v. Board of Education.

Anne O’Donoghue, Annie is a probation officer in the Lawrence District Court and prior to that she was a social worker with the Department of Children and Families. Annie has helped to coordinate the coat and toy drive for several years

Scott Goodoff, Scott is a probation officer in the Lawrence Juvenile Court. He works with children and families involved with the court and has been a volunteer and supporter of Debbies Treasure Chest for years.

Kimberly Midolo, Kimmy is a paralegal at Harvey, Kleger and Thomas. She has served as the adult chair of the coat drive for the past two years. She also assists in all the bookkeeping and grant administration for Harvey Girls Inc.