Susan Paul Sirkman Leadership Project

Talia is facilitating a new and innovative project for kids in grades 5-8 in the Merrimack Valley. This project is named for the beloved Susan Paul Sirkman, who passed away in Janaury 2015 after a heroic struggle with cancer.  Susan was Maxine and Talia's most favorite and precious aunt and the best friend of their mom Linda. Susan believed in the power of children and this project will train young leaders to help change the world. Currently, there are over twenty young leaders in the program and we expect more to join. This is a rigorous program where these young people have made a committment to work to change their world. They will help Talia live her dream to make certain every child in her hometown has school supplies. Currently two grammar schools (Tenney and Timony) in the City of Methuen have satellite Debbie's Treasure Chests filled with school supplies. This year we are thankful to Mayor Stephen Zanni, Judge Jose Sanchez and Probation Officer Danielle Murray who have acted as guest leaders. Many mentors have signed on as well. In the fall of 2018, Juilana Licata, a junior at Central Catholic High School will take over the role as Youth Advisor, Juliana has been a part of DTC  and the Leadership Program for over 10 years. Please email for information. Nominate a leader