Thank you FIX8 Media

When Talia submitted her application to receive a free professionally designed website for Debbie’s Treasure Chest, we never expected that our non-profit would have been chosen. On Thanksgiving Day of 2015, we received the news that FIX8 Media had unanimously chosen Debbie’s Treasure Chest to receive the professional website. We had been struggling for years to find someone to help us “up our presence on the web” but we could never afford the quality design we needed. 

During the first design meeting with FIX8 Media team, we were astonished to hear the plans. This amazing company was going to not only design a magnificent website, but they would provide us with information to help get our message across and to secure donations.

Throughout the process, the FIX8 Media team wanted our input. The final product was a collaboration of the FIX8 Media team and our ideas.  Once we went “live” with our fantastic professional website, the FIX8 Media team spent a great deal of time teaching us how to manage our own site through Squarespace. 

We are convinced that our new website is one of the reasons that we were the recipients of a $100,000.00 grant (our very first grant) from the Cummings Foundations of Massachusetts. 

We are forever grateful to FIX8 Media for helping us achieve our goals of helping children and families at risk.

Anya Q.

DTC is such a fantastic experience. Although I've only been participating for a short period of time. In retrospect, it seems like I'm already so involved in the program. It's been great knowing that I'm doing something to contribute to the community and work on the projects we do, such as providing essentials for children or doing toy drives. Our current project is getting a surplus of donated school supplies in all the Methuen Elementary Schools, for children who don't have them, so they can reach their full potential.
DTC is a 100% volunteer organization with a goal to provide essentials to all children that need them. One aspect that makes DTC so great is that it's kids helping kids.Being a kid can sometimes keep your voice from being heard, so DTC is a way I can get my voice heard, and join with other SPS leaders (Susan Paul Sirkman) to achieve goals.

Knowing Debbie would be proud

I first met Debbie when she was a social worker with the Department of Children and Families sometime in the 1990s.  She was everything you hoped a social worker would be. She fought hard for families and cared more about children than anyone I knew. She was forever spending her own funds to make certain that kids in state care had nice clothes, something to eat and plenty of toys. One of my favorite calls from Debbie went something like this, “Hey Linda, you’re a lawyer so maybe you know some wealthy lawyer looking to help someone down on her luck. You see I have a client who can get her kids back if she finds a decent apartment, and well she needs 400 dollars for the security deposit, can you find someone to help her?” Of course, one of my friends was happy to help. No one could say no to Debbie D’Iorio. In 2006, when I heard that Debbie had died, a piece of my heart was gone. I kept thinking how sad I was for her parents and sister, and I was worried about Debbie’s “kids.” Who would take care of them? For years, my children had been donating toys to DCF, and now we had a mission to honor Debbie’s memory. Thus, Debbie’s Treasure Chest was started. Every time a parent or child uses the resources of Debbie’s Treasure Chest, I always think I hear Debbie whisper in my ear, “You’re a good egg Linda, your children have learned to care.”